How to download any book on Amazon for free?

The link:

First you go to Amazon and copy the title of the book you want and author.

Once you put it in the site bar of the above go all the way across to MIRRORS

You should see a set of numbers.  Just hit {1}

That will take you to where you can download the book for FREE!

I have been taking a lot of law classes and this has helped me save hundreds of dollars

6 thoughts on “How to download any book on Amazon for free?

    • relationspdbeverly, I agree! I am in a law class and I needed additional information for class. I do book reviews for authors and have respect. I buy many books each year probably 100 requests from just authors to do reviews. As a top Amazon reviewer I admire writing that authors do. Those type of books I never download! I am also an author. Bless you.


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