Thrift Find: Trash to Treasure Shelf

I went to our local goodwill store and found this shelf for 3.99.

I bought for a dollar the contact paper that I put on the shelf.

I bought for a dollar the back of the shelf which it is cardboard poster.

A total of under 6.00!  Look at my DYI:


Comments are welcome for my DYI SHELF Below:


4 thoughts on “Thrift Find: Trash to Treasure Shelf

  1. I love thrift shop adventures. Latest find a 10×12 frame that looks like turquoise stone (plastic composition) with a turquoise marble looking backing. Gold trim.What was framed was the state birds stamp sheet of the 50 states. 1982 20 cent stamp sheet now sells for $45. I would easily paid $25 for just the frame, so exquisite looking . All for $5. The sales people did not recognize the stamps at $10 worth face value.

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    • I am so glad that you go to thrift stores Carl! I cannot tell you the last time I went to a store like Walmart. I really don’t have any idea because I only go to thrift stores. Maybe one day I will open my own. I want to call it Trash to Treasure Thrifts.

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