Diana Wing The True Nature of Tarot Book Reivew


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Your True Path to personal empowerment deals with card interpretations, and progressive insights to tarot as a tool of growth and enlightenment. Have you wanted to learn how to read Tarot cards?  Did you know that it is not at all evil and its misconceptions are null and void?  The book contains advanced techniques, card interpretations, and progressive insights into tarot as a tool to help yourself and others through the art of tarot reading. Diane has been reading the Tarot for over twenty-five years as well as being a Reiki master, teacher and life coach with a Master’s degree in psychology and many years in intuitive studies. Diane has spent many years fine tuning the art of Tarot and providing all she knows in this comprehensive 101 manuals for the newcomer and a more advance reader for the experienced, it suits all who read it. This book will allow you to experience your own intuitive abilities by helping you to grow or you can just use this as a casual reader answering any questions you may have about the subject. There is also a section in which she discusses the purported “evil” aspects of Tarot, bringing many interesting thoughts to the fore. I was equally thrilled to read about the individual tarot cards themselves. I have never seen anyone describe the cards such as Diane Wing has, they are more true to human nature than the stiff descriptions of other cards I have read. “The True Nature of Tarot” is for anyone interested in learning to read Tarot cards or educating yourself enough to understand Tarot cards when they are read for you.

The section on Interpreting the cards is extensive. All 78 cards are given equal explanation and accompanied with pictures to identify each card. I liked that the author describes every detail in each card. Every detail has a meaning or sentiment. Wing also offers multiple interpretations of each card along with “Key Words” for better understanding.